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Introduction into RESHAPE: Imagining alternatives

Joris Janssens (Flanders Arts Institute) and Milica Ilić (Onda) introduce the what, the why and the how of the project.

A research and development project, RESHAPE brings together artists and art workers from Europe and the South Mediterranean to jointly create innovative organisational models and reflect on concrete answers to crucial challenges related to the production, distribution and presentation of contemporary art practices.


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What Is To Be Reshaped

Toni Cots, Igor Stokfiszewski and Amahl Khouri in conversation with Barbara Van Lindt (Belgium) about perspectives of artist, art workers and policy makers in Europe and South Mediterranean.

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The Long Tables

A Long Table is a free and open format of discussions created by the American artist and activist Lois Weaver, inspired by dinner table conversations and durational performances.

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