Open Call

We are looking for artists and cultural workers who have tried and managed to devise alternative models of working together or have engaged audiences in innovative ways. Do you know one? Spread the word! Are you one of them? Apply!

You can send us info about your work and become a part of the Directory of experimental practices.


RESHAPE proposes an open and inclusive experimental process with professionals from the Europe and the Mediterranean to enhance their innovative practices and help transforming the entire arts ecosystem.

RESHAPE wants to bring professionals from Europe and the South Mediterranean together in an experimental process of further developing their innovative practices and help transform the entire arts ecosystem.

Political, economic, technological and ecological changes in our society deeply influence the way in which arts are created, presented and experienced. Not all artists have the same opportunities to present or collaborate internationally. Public policies, industry practices and the market cannot ensure that diverse artistic voices and practices reach potential audiences across Europe. At the same time, artists work more and more across aesthetics, disciplines, national boundaries and sectors. The institutional not-for-profit arts sector – both on the national and European levels – hasn’t been flexible enough to integrate these changes.

How to continue supporting our arts sector within this context? RESHAPE partners are convinced that artists and cultural workers are innovation experts, that they are the ones who should invent future models for the arts sector.

There are many innovative models and projects created by arts professionals around Europe and South Mediterranean who, eager to stay true to their values, experiment with different ways of engaging audiences and connecting with other social sectors. These often fragile and unconnected projects are ‘weak signals’ of potential future models.

RESHAPE is looking for such artistic initiatives with a goal to (re)imagine new models of organizing the arts sector.

RESHAPE started by building the Directory that gathers information on existing experimental / alternative / innovative practices and projects.

Is this something for you?

Are you an artist or cultural worker who has developed practices that this project considers urgent? Are you working in Europe and/or in the South Mediterranean? Would you like to contribute to creating new working models? Then you should get on our map!


SIMPLE AND BASIC: SHARE YOUR INFO in the RESHAPE Directory if you feel that your ideas and actions can be inspirational to other professionals in Europe and the South Mediterranean. → Application form here ← There's no deadline to do this. We'll update our Reshape Directory every month with new entries.

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