Fatin Farhat on cultural sector in the MENA region

Fatin Farhat, a Palestinian based cultural worker from Ramallah talks about art sector in Palestine and MENA region, as well as about RAWA, a bottom up funding initiative. Fatin is currently enrolled in the Cultural Policy program at Hildesheim University as a Ph.D., examining the potential of inviting new practices to grassroots cultural initiatives, while highlighting the potential role local governments can play in fostering community/citizen participation and cultural development in Palestine.


Workshop in Beirut: How can solidarity funding encourage the vitality of contemporary arts in these uncertain times?

The workshop 24-28 September will be held in Hammana and Beirut and organised by ACT association in collaboration with Hammana Artist House.


How to Promote the Value of Art in Social Fabric Affected by War

Our approach to a better understanding of the Value of art in social fabric was to discuss and bring up to the dialogue the narrative of the torn apart communities in war-zones and post conflict societies, how do we as cultural activists, artists and organizations, contribute in reviving an art scene in the midst of political chaos and lack of security, funding, and the disappearance of a cultural ecosystem?

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