Cancelled // BLOK: Political School for Artists & Platform for Working Conditions in Culture

[BLOK] is a curatorial collective which operates at the intersection of art, urban research and political activism. Their projects are designed and realised as platforms for collective work of artists, curators, researchers, political activists and anyone interested in the politics of space, production of commons, democratisation of culture and reflection of artistic practices from the perspective of their social and production conditions.


Certain Things Need to Be Said if One is to Avoid Falsifying the Problem. – Decolonisation, Degrowth and Art

During the round table session, we will try to think about the following with our intersectional glasses on: How are decolonisation and degrowth mutually intertwined, and how are they intertwined with the art world, both together and separately? How does the concept and practice of degrowth differ from aspirations for sustainable practices? Where do decolonisation and degrowth intersect in relation to art?

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