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Cancelled // Institute for Political Ecology: Post-growth, Commons, Public Goods

IPE is research and education organisation that operates at nexus of academia, activism and politics. It focuses on political ecology, both in theory and practice discussing opportunities and limits of ecological transformation and its social impacts. Currently, IPE has done a great deal of work on development of donut shape sustainability indicators that are result of our research on social metabolism and planetary boundaries thus opening room on what has to be changed in order to organize our life to be decent and good, while remaining within limits. As such it is discussing post-growth alternatives and opens public debate against the hegemonic discourse based on growth domination. Moreover, we did a lot of research on commons based governance and democratisation of public services. One of the latest research done for the purpose is ''Our railways'' which is expected to be published in Spring 2020 and offers an in-depth study of our railways sector thus leading to development of alternative to current inefficient model that is based on state capture and resource mismanagement. IPE is also organising a well known political education program called Green Academy which every 2nd years takes place on Vis island and functions as a discussion and knowledge creation platform for green, left and progressive political forces in this part of Europe and internationally. At international level IPE is also very active on energy remunicipalisation work accross Europe, while at local level it uses its knowledge to facilitate transition of some community centres to govern their resources as commons (like community centre in Rojc in Pula). IPE has 8 persons fully employed but it has almost 40 permanent associates and volonteers that often contribute to our work. IPE also offers paid fellowship for young scholars interested to focus their academic work in the political ecology field.


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