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Cancelled // Domino: Independent Art and Activism Focusing on LGBTIQ Minorities

Domino is an NGO dedicated to independent art and activism focusing on LGBTIQ minorities and women's rights. Domino produces several festivals in Croatia and internationally and commissions / co-produces 35 - 40 artistic projects per year (mainly - performance art, contemporary dance and experimental theater), we also publish 1 - 2 books per year (total of 40 books of an eclectic and curious choice - translations, artists books, children's books, basically a publishing mess), we have a regular queer film program once a month and organise arts management and curating educations and seminars. Domino also manages a program Fund for Others, an initiative to promote philantrophy - through this program we raise money from individuals and give out micro-grants to artists and activists (20 - 40 a year).

The meeting point will be Domino, Petrinjska 38, where we shall present our activities and curating team. If the weather allows we will continue our discussion about the working methods and ideas behind our programs during a walk visiting a venue or two that we cooperate with (Solidarna Foundation, Zagreb Dance Center, Tomislav Gotovac Institute).


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