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Chiara Scolastica Mosciatti

In Perugia (IT) I studied European History and Archives and I was an author for radio and theather. I moved to Amsterdam and I had an internship at Centrum of Visual Art Zuidoost. Interested on politically-driven artists practicing inclusion, I wrote a series of biographical essays for some webzines.

Since 2013 in Athens, I explored the spontaneous governance models arranged by the citizens to address the urban fragilities like the refugee crisis. At City Plaza Hotel, a solidarity space set by a local network of activists and run by an international flow of volunteers, in 2016-17 I implemented the art project “Midlands”, testing the balance of the conflict within a border/juncture space. In January '17 Documenta Athens invited me for an interview in order to join the festival as a performative guide.

Back in Amsterdam I joined De Vluchtmaat, a project by artist E. Uitenthuis with the refugee group Wij Zijn Hier. De Vluchtmaat is a self-sustainable living and working space, engaging the audience through civil responsibility. Active in the refugee topic is the artist Gluklya, with whom I cooperated to the “The Carnival of Oppressed feelings”. At Manifesta12, I curated her workshop "Utopian Union of Unemployed people" placed in Occupied Mediterranean Theater.

In Palermo, I also started the project “Soumaila&I”, a photography performance involving politicians, artists, and activists all around Europe. My aim is to investigate the critical perception of work, migration, and identity by elaborating the collective trauma of a racist assault to a Malian migrant.

Finally in Utrecht, January 2019, I completed the course in Art and Politics set by BAK, an institution for contemporary art.

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