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Martina Kartelo

Martina Kartelo has BA in economy, BA in theatre acting and MA in performing arts. She was born in Split, Croatia. She has been studying in USA, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, France and Denmark. During her theatre studies and some time after she finished her BA in theatre acting she was taking part and performing in classical and experimental theatre productions. Since she finished her MA degree in 2011 she is travelling and working mostly in Europe and combining solo and collaborative projects where she combines theatre, anthropology, sociology and philosophy.

One of her focuses in theatre is if and how theater can "cure" society. She has attended many International projects, trainings and workshops. Since 2012, when she lived in Iceland she wants to start to be involved with filmmaking, in specific, documentary. This is one of her ways to approach that aim closer. Also she is interested in writing of screenplays and novels. Multidisciplinary opportunities excites her and she loves to work with them. All this is form of dialogue for her. In relation to reshape proposed subjects, my personal and professional experience lead me naturally to the questions which I have chosen in this application. Since my youth I am interested in socially engaged art pieces and as well through my recent work I am exploring position of artist and art in contemporary society. Two relevant pieces of my work to this concepts (1, 2)

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