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Nika Korenjak

I love to work with my body. I am a dancer (contemporary) and I like to experience different techniques: Tadashi Suzuki, Meyerhold. I've worked with interesting people through workshops: Simona Semenič, Goran Stefanovski, Nina Mitrović, Biljana Srbljanović (as activistic playwriting); Edward Clug, Matija Ferlin, Loic Perela (contemporary dance).

I studied comparative literature in Ljubljana in Philosophic faculty (2015, BA) and now, I am student of dramaturgy and performance in Zagreb - Academy of dramatic arts Zagreb. I am working as performer on activistic problematics of LGBTQI+ community in Zagreb with Anica Tomić and Queer Zagreb community, working at Bikini art residency in Lago di Como (Italy) as co - worker and try to make them more socially open and open to different kind of art voices and vocations. Also I work as dramaturgist and scenarist in Zagreb/Ljubljana.

I'm researching how a body can relate to social situation in Europe, how can we work with body and movement and inform people about stuff that are wrong and does not work. I would like to teach people how to learn thought art of dance and performance and break the stigma, which sometimes is (especially in the Balkans): unreasonable, a bunch of naked people doing crazy stuff, hard to understand, “artsy”, made just for the other artists, ... and I would really like to contribute to international experience where artist could go and learn from different culture and social capacity of other countries.

I was in Vilnius, Lithuania and I was a part of European exchange of young artist and when I worked with dancer from Swansea, sculptures from Cardiff and theatre director from Macedonia I learned a lot and when I came back to Ljubljana/Zagreb with the video that we made of our performance piece I saw the difference in my work and in collaboration with my team. My goal is to work internationally to find my own voice even more, to push my boundaries, to break patterned and to teach audience through art!

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