Workshop in Potsdam: How can we model economic & funding systems towards more solidarity?

The second workshop on the topic of Solidarity Funding will be held in Potsdam from 15 to 18 January 2020 and organized by Arts and Theatre Institute (Prague).

The workshop will depart from looking into global economic systems and current funding models present in different countries in EuroMed, in order to detect how could those systems can be reshaped to better facilitate the needs of artists and cultural workers. Beside the Reshapers and partners, the workshop will wellcome Rana Yazaji, a researcher on cultural policies focused on Syria and Arab region.

During the workshop, the group will also visit Kultur NeuDenken, an organisation thet initiates, conceives and implements artistic-cultural projects with decolonial, queer*feminist and class-critical approaches. Their aim is to create a center of critical cultural and knowledge production, creativity and solidarity. Their interdisciplinary program includes visual art, performances, theater, literature, dance, music, science, arts education and much more.

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