Igor Stokfiszewski

Researcher, participant and initiator of activities in the field of social culture, community theater and engaged art, activist. A member of the Krytyka Polityczna team, author of the books: Prawo do kultury (2018) and Zwrot polityczny (2009). Co-editor of volumes: Sztuka ze społecznością (2018), Kultura i rozwój. Analizy, rekomendacje, studia przypadków (2016), Build the City: Perspectives on Commons and Culture (2015) and Grotowski. Teksty zebrane (2012). She constantly cooperates with the artist Jasmine Wójcik, with whom she created, among others, the creation document Symphony of the Ursus Factory (2018). Member of the board of the European Alternatives organization and the international urban think tank Minim.

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Feminisation, Democracy, Labour: Towards a Socialised Cultural Institution

This essay is the programme document of a research project Porozumienie (Agreement) at the Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw, about the participatory transformation of the public theatre ‘Powszechny Theatre’ in Warsaw into a feminist cultural institution. A year of research and interviews with employees resulted in texts and practical steps, such as the establishment of an arts and programme board. The authors of the project were Agata Adamiecka-Sitek, Marta Keil, and Igor Stokfiszewski.

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