Weronika Parfianowicz

Weronika Parfianowicz, PhD, works at the Institute of Polish Culture, University of Warsaw, a member of Workshop for Urban Studies. Her research interests involve Central European urban culture, housing policies, and degrowth. She’s the author of a book devoted to the Czech and Polish projects of Central Europe (Europa Środkowa w tekstach i działaniach. Polskie i czeskie dyskusje, Warszawa 2016) and co-editor of collective monographs devoted to the Polish and Czech avant-garde and underground and to housing policies. She’s aiming at combining academic work with raising awareness on the climate-ecological crisis by co-organising a series of lectures, meetings, and discussions devoted to environmental questions. She’s a member of Workers’ Initiative Trade Union (Ogólnopolski Związek Zawodowy Inicjatywa Pracownicza).

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This article was published in an issue (1/2020) of the Polish Magazine Dialog that deals with artistic labour. Overproduction results from the penetration of market mechanisms to all areas of our lives, fields of creativity, and institutions in which we work. It is an element of the system preying on our activity, because it is primarily this mobility – not content and sense – that generates profits. When we stop, get tired or stand aside – we become redundant to the system.

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