Art and citizenship workshop in Barcelona

Under Power. Care. Municipalism. Creativity. Feminisation. Conviviality. Commoning. Activism. Ethics. Solidarity. Empathy. Internationalism. Citizenship. Generosity. Decolonisation. Collaboration. Storytelling. Agency. Systemic Change. Hope. Non-violence. Learning. Humour. Sociality. Invention. Listening. Diversity. Humility. Resistance. Horizontality. Poetry. Cooperation. Discovery. Artivism. Migration. Rebellion. Vulnerability. Courage. Justice. Sharing. Struggle. Civil Imagination. Lived Experience. Joy...

...these are just some of the urgencies that a small team of cultural and creative actors, drawn from Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, are currently exploring in their collaborative work with the RESHAPE action research programme, with a specific focus on Arts & Citizenship guided by the question how can art radically reimagine new forms of citizenship and empower us to act.

Following a first gathering in Edinburgh earlier this year, the group will come to Barcelona with a willingness to share, listen and speak, forming new alliances, ideas and friendships with inspiring individuals, organisations and movements that have already taken courageous steps towards radical change in their neighbourhood and city.

We thank in advance the generosity of exchange and hospitality that the project that welcomes us has already shown, namely the La Lleialtat Santsenca, where there will be an open event for people or collectives interested in spending some time with us around a festive radio show organized together with the local projects of Barcelona La Fundició and Radio Cava-Ret on Friday 13 December starting at 6 p.m.

RESHAPE in Barcelona are An, Ana, Chiara, Jessica, Joon Lynn, Laura, Maria, Marijana, Paky, Peter, Shelagh, Virag and Lupe.

This workshop is organized by Goethe-Institut Barcelona with the generous support of La Lleialtat Santsenca / ***Space for neighbourhood and cooperative uses and popular culture***

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