ConferenceReshaping the Art World: An Experiment in Collaborative Change-making

RESHAPE Prototype

On the Complexities of a Journey: a Conversation on the Virtual Exhibition on Transnational/Postnational Practices

In this informal session, you can discuss transnational and postnational artistic practices and discover the virtual exhibition of knowledge(s) curated collaboratively on this topic. This museum without walls is unfinished, and will always remain so; Coming out of discussions with the RESHAPE community, it is made to grow through the care and input of other contributors. On this occasion, we will navigate the unfinished universe of artworks, gifs, projects, texts and interviews, following various paths on the complex journey of working transnationally.


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RESHAPE Prototype

Horizontal Forum

4D Catch up session by Reshapers and FARO: Eduardo Bonito, Lala Deheinzelin, Livia Diniz, Isabel Ferreira, Katarina Pavic and Claire Zerhouni


Marko Bulc: First Altruistic Performance

The First Altruistic Performance isbased on the author’s frustration and dissatisfaction with most of the so‑called artivistic projects (including his own), which exploit unfortunate, unjust, illegal, and similar miserable situations of the other and the others for self‑promotion and to strengthen their artistic ego, while being for the most part self‑sufficiently confined within the boundaries of the art system.

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