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Dominika Belanská

I was born in Czechoslovakia in 1988. I took academic courses in architecture, fine arts, design of interior and exhibitions, intermedia and art pedagogy in Bratislava and Milan. Since 2011 I have been actively organizing initiatives and campaigns to support citizen rights and participation, and organizing projects of re-qualification of urban spaces for public use. I see myself dancing in between diverse disciplines and sectors, always aiming for inclusion of diverse actors into the process. I have been working for municipalities and architects to involve citizens into creation of strategic documents and planning of public spaces and neighbourhoods; leading qualitative and quantitative research; in the non-for-profit sector managing grant programs; editing publications; directing collaborative projects and participatory artworks; curating exhibitions and festivals; and also teaching - mediating art, architecture and urbanism to public via educational programs, gallery animation; publishing and lecturing to peers about participatory planning and citizen involvement.

Most of the work I do requires collaboration in groups, which has led me to experiment and facilitate meetings creatively, also drawing on my experience as a performer. The conscious use of voice, mind-body work and improvisation helps me create an authentic and engaging environment for the people involved.

I am proud to be part of the global network of Young Cultural Innovators organized by Salzburg Global Seminar. Currently I have been employed as a Chief innovation officer by social impact gaming start-up BEEN THERE TOGETHER ( and I play active part in establishing of the European Placemaking Network.(

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